Extrovert and Introvert


During my 3.5 month sabbatical from the site, I’ve been pitching it to a few professional colleagues. I made it a point to promote the website offline as much as I’ve been promoting it online while accruing some capital for my future day job as a real estate investor. Little did I know, the words, introvert and extrovert are uncommon words to the general public. In this entry, I’ll tell the difference between introvert and extrovert.

Back in my Air Force days, I met two wonderful people, Laura and Rob. Once upon meeting them, they came across very social and at times, gregarious. As I got to know them better, Laura was an introvert and Rob was an extrovert.

Laura enjoyed solitary hobbies such as crocheting, reading, and playing the popular video game, Halo on the Xbox video game system. She always enjoyed one-on-one conversations while drinking a cup of coffee. After attending parties with Rob, it was not unusual for her to sleep in until 11 in the morning and relax around the house for a day or two.

Rob was the stereotypical rock star. He would attend St. Louis Cardinals games with seven of his friends and hold court in the dugout section. He wouldn’t hesitate to lead the section into a cheer where the whole stadium would soon participate. After the games, he and his friends would go to a random sports bar and fix one of his single friends up with a cute waitress. Rob always found himself at home with the crowd whether it was a Cardinals’ game or a rock concert at a bar.

From reading about Laura and Rob, you have learned the difference between an extrovert and introvert. There is always the misconception that shy and introvert are synonymous. Shyness revolves around the realm of social anxiety. There are extroverts who are shy or have some form of social anxiety. They crave the company of other people, but become uncomfortable around them.

Until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!



In a world where extroversion and conformity is highly rewarded and celebrated, marching to your own drummer is either seen as courageous or weird. Especially, when you’re the quietest one in the bunch. Being the quietest one doesn’t necessarily means we don’t have anything to say. We just choose to utilize our voices in a different manner. Like, in my case, with writing.

I started blogging in 2005 at the now-defunct Yahoo 360 with my dose of ramblings. It started to become a hobby of mine outside of work and still is to this day. It gave me an opportunity to expose myself to a small audience that has resulted in good reviews. I even received an e-mail from a lady in Mexico on how my writings help her communicate in English. It gave me the momentum to keep moving along. Thus, Scottropolis.com was born.

It started as a continuation from my Yahoo 360 days with the ramblings. And now, it has shifted to the observations from an introvert in an extroverted world where reality television stars and sensational journalism reign supreme. Before I continue, I must warn that I am not a therapist in real life nor do I play one here on the website. I’m just only advocate for introversion and mental health. Promotion is always the key in awareness.

This awareness should further open the door as an alternative to the mainstream media. It’s not to pit introversion against extroversion. In my opinion, no group is better than the other despite the ideologies. I have many friends and professional colleagues who happen to fall in the realms of introversion, extroversion, and ambiversion. Ambiversion is a personality trait including the qualities of both introversion and extroversion.

This website is a learning experience for anyone who is curious about introversion. I cannot forget as a writer and owner of this website it will become more of a learning experience for me as well. I highly recommend the books The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D. and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain. The Introvert Advantage has gave me plenty of Aha! moments which has inspired me to re-introduce myself in the world of blogging. Let’s get ready to enjoy the ride!